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Saving you time by giving you all the functional skills resources you need in one place. 

  • Downloadable ‘How to’ Guides
  •  Industry specific materials  
  • Videos
  • Activities
  • Life skills workbooks

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How To Guides

Guides for each topic of the Functional Skills reform criteria for both English and maths


A range of activities such as quizzes, games and sorting and matching activities. These are especially useful when working with groups in a classroom environment.


Designed to be used alongside the How to Guides for group teaching they contain explanations, additional examples and ‘try it out’ questions.

Life Skills Workbooks

Workbooks on real life topics testing the maths and English skills needed in day to day scenarios such as taking out a loan, exercising or visiting the dentist.

Industry Specific Workbooks

*Coming Soon* Workbooks linked to each topic for both English and maths tailored to different industries such as hairdressing, motor vehicle or business admin.


*Coming Soon* Video tutorials for English and maths with explanations for all the main topics.

Flexible Learning 

Materials can be used in group teaching or by students who want to study independently. ‘How to’ Guides contain detailed explanations and examples allowing students to learn with minimal tutor support. 

 You can print as many copies as your students need or even email resources to them if they are distance learning. 

Activities and PowerPoints support group delivery reducing your lesson preparation time. 


Industry Specific Materials 

Materials for each curriculum topic tailored to industry 

Choose the industry most relevant to your students to allow them to practise questions that relate to their area of study. 

Industries include:

  • Hairdressing
  • Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Electrical
  • Beauty
  • Business Administration 


Key Features

Easy to Download

Everything is downloadable so you can print as many copies as you wish and save to your own personal drive. (Each individual teacher must have their own login and must not share their login details).

Answers Provided 

Detailed answer sheets provided with all resources saving you time on marking or allowing students to self mark.

Supports Independent Learning

Students can self assess their skills and their progress helping with group tracking and great for inspections and observations. 

Tailored to the Reform

All materials are tailored to the Functional Skills reform criteria so you can ensure your students will be confident tackling the exams. 

 Suitable for Remote Learning

Workbooks and guides can be emailed to students to complete in their own time or displayed on screen during virtual lessons.


“Clear and realistic scenarios and visually well presented. More please!”

Functional Skills Tutor 

“Great bit of work. Well structured. Love the colours.”

Richard – Functional Skills Adult Learner



Can I buy an individual licence and share with my colleagues?

No. The individual licence is for one tutor to use with their own students. We have provided this option for those tutors whose organisations are unable to buy a licence or who work independently. As a small business, we encourage people to use the materials fairly. 

Why are the materials mainly paperbased?

There are many online options for study out there already so we wanted to do something different. We recognise that many students prefer having something they can write on and take away with them and realise that not everyone has access to a computer for the duration of their studies.  

Can I download and save the materials?

Yes. As long as you only use them according to the terms of your licence. We encourage you to check for updates regularly. 

When will new materials be added?

There will be at least one new resource added every month. Resources will also be updated to ensure they are current. 

How often do I pay?

You are buying an annual subscription. The subscription will automatically renew every year unless cancelled, so you won’t need to remember to renew it yourself.  

I'm a student. Are the resources suitable for me?

Yes. You will be able to use the guides, videos and industry specific materials without a tutor if necessary. The activities are designed for small groups, but you will still find some of them useful such as the quizzes. 

Are answers included?

Yes. Every resource has an answer sheet containing detailed explanations of how to work out each question. This makes them suitable for students to use to self-mark where necessary. 

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We have over 150 resources available, with more being uploaded each month!

We have over 150 resources available, with more being uploaded each month!

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