LC Education & Training Ltd provide high quality resources to support students in gaining the essential skills they will use in their personal and professional lives.

Who are We?

Established in 2015, LC Education & Training focuses on providing specialist training in workplace skills enabling people to be confident, efficient and effective in education and the workplace. 


Working closely with employers and training providers, we support the delivery of functional skills together with more specialised English and maths delivery and build on those areas that are critical for progress within a study or work environment. 

We have won a number of awards for our delivery including:

Best Workplace Skills Training Provider 2019  – Greater London Enterprise Awards

Best Workplace Skills Training Provider 2018  – Greater London Enterprise Awards

Best English & Maths Staff Training Provider – Midlands & Excellence Award for Training Events – UK


Our Associates

All the associates working on the resources have at least ten years’ experience delivering either functional skills, skills for life, basic skills or key skills. Most have also been involved with SATs or GCSE delivery giving us a working knowledge of the whole education system.

We have seen how qualifications and expectations have changed over time and understand the challenges and rewards facing both tutors and students when they are studying or learning new skills.

Our associates have worked in a variety of settings including colleges, training providers and directly in the workplace. They use this experience to help them create resources that work in these varied settings. 

The Story so Far…

We realised that most functional skills tutors spend a great deal of time developing their resources and trawling through the internet because exactly what they want isn’t readily available. There are some useful book and websites available but often something necessary is missing: not enough practise questions, no examples from the industry you work in, no clear explanations or simply not not enough variety. Many providers cannot afford to supply a book for each student and so tutors resort to illegal wobbly photocopying or recreating pages. Internet based learning can be great but, again, not everyone has access to computers in every session or at home and often explanations are not very detailed.


After many hours of discussion and research, we created solutions that contain everything a provider might need to deliver functional skills successfully saving them hours of time and giving them a consistent product to use as they see fit.

We have over 150 resources available, with more being uploaded each month!

We have over 150 resources available, with more being uploaded each month!

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