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You can buy an individual plan if you are a tutor, teacher, lecturer or student.
If you buy an organisation level plan, your staff will all receive their own logins.

What’s included:

'How To' Guides

Guides for all the topics examined allowing independent learning with in depth explanations and practise questions for all aspects of the curriculum. Ideal for both groups and individual sessions. 


Video Tutorials

Video guides on main techniques for maths and English. Videos encourage you to pause and try the questions for yourself before showing you the answers allowing you to check your own skills. 

Industry Specific Materials

Workbooks matched to the ‘How to’ Guides to allow students to complete a range of questions that are tailored towards their area of study such as hairdressing, hospitality and engineering. 


Life Skills Workbooks

Workbooks to practise the skills taught in the ‘How to’ guides using real life scenarios such as buying a house, taking your driving test and going to the dentist. They are also ideal for exam practise. 


A range of different activities that can be used with group teaching. Activities include card matching and sorting, quizzes and games. The activities support the guides and workbooks.  


PowerPoints are designed to be used alongside the ‘How to’ guides with additional examples and questions for students to try as a group before tackling the ones in their guides individually.  

New Monthly Content

New resources will be added every month so you can make the most of your subscription. All materials will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure the questions are fresh and relevant. 


Are there any free resources?

Yes. Find our range of free resources here so you can try before you buy. 

How often is payment taken?

You are signing up to an annual membership so payment will be taken once a year. 

How will I get the logins for my staff?

After purchasing your membership, you should receive an email prompt to send us the relevant details to set up membership for your staff. If you do not receive this email, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch. 

Are the resources suitable for children at school?

The resources are designed for those studying for functional skills, however the criteria are very similar to those studied at school. Level 2 has a lot of similar content to GCSE and the lower levels would suit children in year 8 and 9 who might be struggling with the level of learning at school. 

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We have over 150 resources available, with more being uploaded each month!

We have over 150 resources available, with more being uploaded each month!

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