Functional Maths 

Here are all the materials you will need for delivering or studying functional maths. Your membership gives you access to all the resources on the page so you can pick and choose the materials that will work for you and your students.

How to Guides

Guides for each of the key topics in maths taking students through clear examples for each type of question. The guides also contain plenty of practise questions allowing students to check their understanding. 


The guides can be used by students studying independently or used within the classroom. Each guide has an associated PowerPoint taking students through the explanations and providing further examples and practise questions. 

Industry Specific Workbooks

There are workbooks for the vocational subjects that students commonly study. The workbooks are organised by maths topic allowing students to practise the skills they learnt in the How to Guides by completing questions that relate to the subject they are studying.   


Each key topic has a video guide taking students through example questions. Perfect for independent learning or to support students who are finding a specific topic difficult. Can also be used by non specialist teachers who want to be able to support their students more fully.  


A range of different activities for you to use with small groups within classroom settings. Activities include quizzes, sorting and matching activities and games. There are activities to go with each of the key maths topics.  

Life Skills Workbooks

These workbooks allow students to practise their maths skills in real life contexts such as buying a house or visiting the dentist. They are a great way to show you are embedding life skills and help students practise for the type of scenarios they might come across in the exam. They should also help them learn more about how they might use maths in their home and working lives. 


Each of the key maths topics has a corresponding PowerPoint designed to be used alongside the Ho to Guides (although they can be used without the guides if desired) giving additional explanations and practise questions for classroom teaching. 

Lyn Calver


Lyn has worked in education since 2004 organising and delivering Skills for Life, Functional Skills, GCSE, SATs and business English and maths. She has taught both online and face to face in a variety of settings and understands the challenges and rewards that come with teaching and studying functional skills. 

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We have over 150 resources available, with more being uploaded each month!

We have over 150 resources available, with more being uploaded each month!

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